Info COVID & Reservations


Dear Guests,

the way it looks there will be a GREAT change of the COVID-Regulations on March 5, 2022, we will inform you right here whenever we have the details. We can hardly wait to celebrate the „real“ MooserWirt with you for the rest of the season…

Until then it’s still like this:

After very long 645 days, since mid December, we have openend our doors again and have adapted pretty good to the current COVID regulations. We only serve our guests while they are seated, so there’s no dancing or even standing around allowed. But we are still able to create a very nice and relaxed atmosphere with great food and drinks – „Tyrolean Gemütlichkeit“ as they call it. Next best to the „real“ thing which will hopefully be back very soon…

Vaccination status: We check your valid vaccination card or your PCR-Test (max 72 hours) or your Antigen Test (max 24 hours) together with an ID at the entrance.

Registration: Please register with the QR-Code on the table once you are sitting.

Reservations/Lunch: We are happy to take your reservations for 12:00 / 13:00 or 14:00 - please note, that we will give the table away if you are more than 10 minutes late.

Reservations/Afternoon: From 15:00 it’s a „first come first sit“ system. Due to the very limited capacity we do NOT accept if guests reserve seats „for their friends“ who come „later“. These late arrivals are also not allowed to „overtake“ a possible queue. Sorry for being VERY strict in these points, we simply need EVERY seat for the costumers that arrive first.

We definitely can’t wait to throw all these rules into the rubbish bin asap, hopefully most of it already on March 5, 2022…


Your MooserWirt Team.

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For short term reservations please call us directly under: +43-5446-3588

For reservations on the long term you can also send us an E-Mail.

Please note:

Reservations/Lunch (inside only): We are very happy to take your reservations at either 12:00 / 13:00 oder 14:00. If you can’t make it to your reservation or if you might be a little late, please let us know. In case of a “No-Show“ we will give away your table after maximum 10 minutes.

Reservations/Après-Ski (inside only): 15:00 is the very latest time to book a table for Après-Ski – after that we simply have no chance to „defend“ your table anymore. That doesn’t mean that MooserWirt is „full“ so to say – most of our guests come without any reservation and still find some space inside or outside or upstairs or downstairs or at one of our 9 bars…