Après Ski

at MooserWirt
Actually, this is the place where you ought to read how good we are and what a great place MooserWirt is indeed. This is our website, after all. However, self-praise is not exactly our style.

What Others Say About Us 

We’d rather let others say what they think about us: Playboy Magazine named us "the mother of all après ski bars" and the "Zeit" Newspaper lauded our "fascinating" logistics. "Kleine Zeitung" Newspaper termed us the "best après ski bar in Austria" twice and "News" Magazine once. We appeared on television a lot; in Austrian television, in most German TV channels, in Dutch, UK, and Scandinavian TV shows, and Overseas.

That list of awards and accolades could go on and on… (how utterly tedious!).

Skimagazin 1. Platz Leserbewertung

Living Up to Our Philosophy. Since 1989.

All we really want, with all our heart, is living up to our philosophy of being “probably the baddest après ski bar on Arlberg Mountain”. Every day we’re working really hard to live up to it. The same is true for our second slogan: “Damn good but damn expensive”.

Our wait staff and DJs are the heart and soul of the MooserWirt experience (again, as others say about us). They are all seasoned professionals with nothing but your best interests at heart.

Our Philosophy
Probably the “baddest” Après Ski Bar
on Arlberg Mountain.

And Every Winter’s Day...

We open daily at 11 am for our legendary lunch.

And then from 3:30 pm the same as for more than 30 years: Après-ski at the MooserWirt with DJ Gerhard. Pedal to the metal until 8 pm.. 

Legal Notice Site by Zmart. Probably the “baddest” Après Ski Bar on Arlberg Mountain

For short term reservations please call us directly under: +43-5446-3588

For reservations on the long term you can also send us an E-Mail.

Please note:

Reservations/Lunch (inside only): We are very happy to take your reservations at either 12:00 / 13:00 oder 14:00. If you can’t make it to your reservation or if you might be a little late, please let us know. In case of a “No-Show“ we will give away your table after maximum 10 minutes.

Reservations/Après-Ski (inside only): 15:00 is the very latest time to book a table for Après-Ski – after that we simply have no chance to „defend“ your table anymore. That doesn’t mean that MooserWirt is „full“ so to say – most of our guests come without any reservation and still find some space inside or outside or upstairs or downstairs or at one of our 9 bars…