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    You are interested in working in what is "probably the baddest après ski bar on Arlberg Mountain"? In an establishment that is cheeky enough to name their service "damn good but damn expensive"... Who would want to work in such an environment?

    Well, there are many...

    We are proud of our dedicated team of staff who have been working with us for many years—however, we are always interested in hearing from highly motivated professionals who want to join us on the "MooserWirt journey".

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    If you are interested, please send your complete application to Werner "FluWe" Flunger: jobs(at)


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Definitely visiting when I am in town! Greetings from Belgium. Keep making people happy :-)


Lieber Gerhard, lieber Tom und gesamtes Mooserwirt-Team, viiiiiielen Dank für die sehr schönen, lustigen und unterhaltsamen "Tanz-Stunden" bei und mit euch. Es hat wie immer viel Spaß ...


We had a great stay in St.Anton with my colleagues from Dentist Clinic:KTA in Amersfoort. We had a crazy party time in the Mooserwirt. Thank you for that.

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